Oset 20.0 Lite 2018
Ref. OSET20.0L
Brand: OSET
Model: 20.0 Lite
Age: From 6 to 9 years old

Trialmotor is an official dealer of OSET bikes! We can only sell them in PORTUGAL. 
Any requests from other countries will be directed to the nearest OSET dealer!

Technical data:

Wheelbase - 960mm (37.8")
Seat Height - 530mm (20.8")
Ground clearance - 290mm (11.4")
Bar height - 900mm (35.4")
Wheels - 20" Alloy rims/hubs.
Suspension - Front telescopic air/spring fork. Rear shock with preload adjustment, oil dampened.
Brakes - Front and rear 160mm hydraulic disc brakes.
Motor - 900w 36v OSET neodymium magnet DC motor. (OSET 48v motor running at 36v)
Controller - 36v OSET, adjustable for power, speed and response. All new map for 2015.
Batteries - 3 x 10ah AGM SLA.
Charger - 2 amp 36v
Age Range - 6-9 years old

Bike Info:

The OSET 20.0 Lite is an 'in-between' machine for riders a little too big for the 16.0, but not quite ready for the 20.0 Eco or Racing. It features similar ergonomics to the OSET 16.0, but with bigger wheels that make conquering obstacles a little easier.

What’s New for 2017:

Updated sticker graphics. 
Padded chin guard fitted to the stem. 
Magnetic kill switch fitted. 
New black footpegs. 
Side panel Velcro straps design changed to allow easier refitting of panels.

The 20.0 Lite uses the OSET 20.0 48v motor running at 36v for gentler power. The air/spring fork and coil spring shock are adjustable for both compression and rebound. OSET custom pegs & hubs, hydraulic disc brakes & OSET bars and grips finish a very complete package.

The 20.0 Lite weighs in at only 2kg heavier than the 16.0, and over 5kg LESS than the 20.0 - proportionally this is huge for growing riders!

For 2017, improvements include new thinner OSET grips, a padded chin guard covering the steering stem and several detail improvements. An all new magnetic lanyard cut-out switch takes the place of the handlebar switch. A strap goes around the child’s wrist, so that when the lanyard is pulled, power is switched off. A separate key switch is easily removable by the parent when it's time to take a break!

Safety features are paramount. The OSET controller has been designed for our exclusive '3 dial' system, which allows parents to easily adjust the characteristics of the bike. By simply removing the rubber bung in the 'tank' area, the responsible adult can adjust the speed, power and response of the bike. It can be set from a very mellow machine at walking pace and low power, all the way up to a competition level machine with maximum power. For those learning to ride, the throttle response can be set so the reaction of the bike to throttle openings is softened.

The 20.0 Lite has allowed children as young as six to compete in National Trials events. If the 16.0 is too small and the 20.0 Racing too big, the 20.0 Lite is just right!


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